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we will win the first prize in “Winter Challenge to Monte Carlo” and “Rallye de Paris”!!! Pleaz look at not only this HP but also our facebook page. There are a lot of pictures! Thanks!!


We are going to participate in historic rallies with the cars below. Everyday, we are making great effort to restore our cars with our greasy hands.

TE27 Trueno




Length×Width×Height(mm) 4260×1720×1390
Wheelbase(mm) 2335
Tread front/back(mm) 1270/1295
Min. height (mm) 150
Weight(kg) 940
Engine type 2T-G
Cylinder layout Inline-four engines DOHV
Bore×Stroke(mm) 85.0×70.0
Engine Capacity(cc) 1588
Transmission Five synchronous・floor shift
Brakes front/rear disk/drum



PA11 Violet






Length×Width×Height(mm) 4220×1600×1390
Wheelbase(mm) 2400
Tread front/back(mm) 1335/1330
Min. height (mm) 165
Weight(kg) 930
Engine type Z16
Cylinder layout Inline-four engines DOHV
Bore×Stroke(mm) 83.0×73.7
Engine Capacity(cc) 1595
Transmission Four/ floor shift (planning to change to five)
Brakes front/rear disk/drum

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